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January 19, 2013
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Origen pg 2 by HaruBells Origen pg 2 by HaruBells
Here, have the second page of Origen~!

Also! there will be a total of 20 chapters. chapters 1-10 are completed as roughs, and chapter 11's roughs are in the works.
Beware chapter 10, as it will be highly depressing. But it is still incredibly important.

The reason there are only going to be 20 chapters is that there is very little filler. Literally everything is important. What seems like filler (such as a character discovering an interest in something, such as music or a type of food) is important to who the character is.

Between most chapters, there will be a bonus 4-koma or omake theater. as of now, there are five 4-koma theater roughs, and three omake theaters. This is because there is not a theater after every chapter. I.e. Chapter one (Origen~) does not have a theater before it because nothing has been explained, so there is nothing to light-heartedly poke fun at or explain in greater detail. Chapter two, on the other hand, does have a theater before it. the other chapters that don't have a theater are as such because what happens in that chapter is particularly important to the plot. Likewise, there is one chapter (I won't say which) that has a title page, but no image on it.

Chapter One: [link]
First/Previous: [link]
Next: [link]
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